Acu-Loc Volar Distal Radius Plates
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Acu-Loc Volar Distal Radius Plate

Acumed’s Acu-Loc Volar Distal Radius System offers a solution for complex intra-articular distal radius fractures by aggressively targeting the styloid and providing a distal fitting plate for support. Introduced in 2004, our Acu-Loc Distal Radius Plate quickly became a market leader, with more than 100,000 plates implanted thus far.

Approved Indications

  • Fractures of the distal radius
Key Features

Key Features

  • Precise screw placement: The Acu-Loc Volar plates are designed to be placed more distal than most other volar plates. The distal screws, angled forward six-degrees from the plate, maximize purchase in the subchondral bone. Two of the distal screws aggressively target the radial styloid to provide stable fixation along the entire distal radius.
  • Anatomic plate design: Contoured plates maximize support, accurately reduces the fracture and assists in restoring the original geometry of the patient’s anatomy.
  • Advanced radiolucent targeting guides: Acumed’s low-profile mono-block guides allow the surgeon to visualize and accurately target each distal screw. Drilling, measuring and inserting the screw through the guide saves valuable OR time and frustration associated with individual targeting guides.
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