Distal Humerus Plates on bone and Targeting Guide
Posterolateral Column Plates
Lateral Plates
Medial Plates
Medial Plate showing variable screw angle
Posterolateral Distal Humerus Plates

Distal Humerus Plates

Precontoured in three planes, the Distal Humerus Plates offer multiple lengths and sizes to treat a wide variety of fractures.

Approved Indications

  • Fractures of the distal humerus
Lateral Column Plates

Lateral Column Plates

These plates improve upon posterior plating biomechanically by enabling the use of longer screws that interdigitate with screws coming from the medial side. The Lateral Plates come in both left (blue) and right (green) and are 11mm in width and 2.0mm at the thickest point. Lengths range from 58mm to 206mm.

Medial Column Plates

Medial Column Plates

These plates extend down distally, or wrap around, the medial epicondyle, and can even reach the medial trochlea. Extending up the condylar ridge, these plates offer solid fixation and compression. This fixation is maximized when the screws in the articular fragments can interdigitate with those coming from the lateral side. The Medial Plates are 11mm wide and 2.0mm at the thickest point and offer 2-4 screw holes for fixation of the articular fragments. Lengths range from 84mm to 175mm.

Posterolateral Column Plates

Posterolateral Column Plates

These plates are specifically designed for isolated capitellar fractures and for surgeons who prefer a 90-90 plate application. The precise anatomic curvature of the plate ensures the proper fit for the patient. The diverging screw geometry in the distal cluster allows for the maximum amount of fixation at the fracture site. The Posterolateral Plates are offered in both Left (blue) and Right (green) and are 10.7mm in width and 4.6mm at the thickest point. Plate lengths range from 80mm to 205mm.

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