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Hammertoe Fusion Set

Acumed’s Hammertoe Fusion Set is an indication-specific instrument set based on the patented design of the Acutrak® Headless Compression Screws.

The Hammertoe Fusion Screw simultaneously provides longitudinal intramedullary fixation and compression of the joint — without leaving prominent hardware. The screw passes through the DIPJ, leaving only the PIPJ fused.

Approved Indications

Approved Indications

  • Rigid PIPJ contractures and deformities.
  • Rigid hammertoe deformities.
  • Revision hammertoe surgery.
  • In severe claw toe deformities, the Hammertoe Fusion Screw can be used for permanent fixation of both DIPJ and PIPJ.
Key Features

Key Features

  • Compression: The Hammertoe Fusion Screw’s variable pitch and tapered profile compresses the bone across the PIPJ.
  • Headless: Implanting the screw below the bone surface provides fusion with minimal risk of DIPJ damage or hardware impingement.
  • Improved instrumentation: The set includes a new 24mm screw and a longer hex driver to access the PIPJ.
  • Ease of implantation: The Hammertoe Fusion Screw’s 6mm nose smoothly guides the screw across the joint for accurate placement — saving valuable OR time.
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