Polarus Locking Humeral Rod
Polarus Locking Humeral Rod

Polarus Locking Humeral Rod

For over a decade, Acumed’s innovative Polarus Humeral Rod System has provided excellent fracture stability - and a minimally invasive procedure - for proximal humerus fractures, once called the last “unsolved” fracture in orthopaedics.

Approved Indications

  • 2, 3, and some 4-part fractures of the proximal humerus.
Key Features

Key Features

  • Fracture stability: Acumed’s patented spiral array of locking screws provides multi-planar fracture fixation.
  • Minimally invasive: With straightforward and accurate targeting, our cannulated intramedullary humeral nail is inserted percutaneously in a minimally invasive procedure — reducing OR time and resulting in less scarring for the patient.
  • Anatomic restoration: Combining proper rod and screw placement with an anatomic bend and taper, the Polarus Humeral Rod acts as a scaffold to restore the patient’s anatomy.
  • Tapered profile: The rod’s tapered profile and nine-degree lateral bend ease insertion and minimize stress concentrations — reducing the risk of a peri-prosthetic fracture.
  • Polarus Cap: The Polarus Cap prevents bony ingrowth to ease implant removal, if required.
  • Comprehensive instrument tray: The system’s comprehensive tray contains all necessary instruments — including calibrated drills, drill guides and an easy-to-assemble radiolucent target guide.
  • Rod size: 150mm.
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