OPT Croutons

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  • Synthetic alternative
    As a synthetic alternative to cancellous bone chips, OPT Croutons may minimize the risk of disease transmission.
  • Interconnected Pores
    Pores are intended to encourage fast osseointegration - Pore size: 200 - 500 μm - Mean porosity: 60 – 80%
  • Granules
    Irregularly shaped bone cavities can be filled completely with granules.
  • Composition
    OPT Croutons are a phase of calcium phosphate similar to that found in bone.

Osteoconductive Porous Tricalcium phosphate (OPT) Croutons are a bone graft substitute that resorbs and is replaced with bone during the healing process.

Acumed OPT Croutons are a synthetic bone material made of beta tricalcium phosphate (βTCP), a molecule similar to the mineral phase of natural bone.

OPT Croutons are designed to fill osseous defects that are surgically created or caused by traumatic injury to the bone.