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  • Choice of Handling
    ProModel Bone Void Filler is available in two forms: a putty form called “Impact” and an injectable form called “Inject” to give surgeons more choices in handling individual patient needs.
  • Superior Wet Handling
    Insolubility of ProModel Bone Void Filler helps it resist washing out of bleeding bone or washing away with irrigation.

ProModel is a synthetic bone graft made from a proprietary composite of calcium phosphate and calcium sulfate. Unlike hydroxyapatite bone graft substitutes which remodel between 3 to 5 years, ProModel contains the addition of calcium sulfate providing a more porous construct than pure calcium phosphate. The implant maintains integrity throughout the bone remodeling cycle and will not dissolve in vivo like pure calcium sulfate (1). ProModel is available in both injectable and putty forms, and offers optimized wet handling capabilities.

ProModel is indicated to fill bony voids or gaps of the skeletal system (i.e. extremities, posterolateral spine, and pelvis). These defects may be surgically created osseous defects or osseous defects created from traumatic injury to the bone. ProModel is indicated only for bony voids or gaps that are not intrinsic to the stability of the bony structure. The product provides a bone void filler that resorbs and is replaced by bone during the healing process.

ProModel products are manufactured by Skeletal Kinetics and exclusively sold by Acumed.

Key Features

ProModel provides the surgeon a bone void filler with an ideal combination of biological and mechanical properties, including:

  • Graft matrix: ProModel is composed of 50% calcium phosphate and 50% calcium sulfate. Upon implantation, the calcium sulfate component dissolves within approximately 15- 60 days, leaving the calcium phosphate highly porous and providing a larger surface area for remodeling to occur. Calcium sulfate also offers reduced temperature sensitivity during mixing in the operating room. (1)
  • Choice of Handling: ProModel is available in two forms: Impact (putty) and Inject (Injectable), supplied with a rotary mixing system to give surgeons more choice in handling.


1. Skeletal Kinetics, Technical REP# 12088-AC, An in vivo evaluation of Calcium Phosphate-Calcium Sulfate Bone Void Filler, Delaney, D; He, K; April 2012 (submitted for publication).