Posterolateral Plates

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  • Screw Angle
    The screws in the plates' distal cluster of screws are angled and divergent from one another to avoid potential impingement on the olecranon as well as to capture fracture fragments.
  • Size
    The plates are 10.7 mm in width and 4.6 mm at the thickest point. They are offered in both left-specific (blue) and right-specific (green). Length range: 80 mm to 205 mm

The Acumed Posterolateral Plates are specifically designed for isolated capitellar fractures and for surgeons who prefer a 90 degree-90 degree plate application. A precontoured bend in both the diaphyseal region of the plate and the lateral tip to support the anatomy, while the unique, diverging screw geometry of the distal hole cluster allows for maximized fixation at the fracture site.

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