Coronoid Plates

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Elbow Plating System Coronoid Plate - On Bone
  • Low-profile Design
    These anatomically contoured plates have holes in the buttress as well as an offset screw hole to help capture fractures of the sublime tubercle.
  • Size
    Offered in both left-specific (blue) and right-specific (green), these implants are available in a small and standard size. - Width range: 20 mm to 21 mm - Length range: 31 mm to 35 mm

Designed for fractures of the anteromedial facet of the coronoid, the Acumed Coronoid Plates are intended to act as a buttress to the coronoid and help counteract the tendency of the elbow to subluxate. The plate design, coupled with the instruments in the Elbow Plating System, provide multiple fixation options for a variety of fracture patterns.

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