Radial Head Plating System

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Acumed Radial Head Plating System
  • Low-profile Design
    Screws sit flush with the plate for minimized hardware prominence.
  • Anatomic Plate
    2 lengths and 2 head curvatures provide the surgeons with the options to select the optimal solution for their patients anatomy.
  • Optimized Screw Trajectory
    Converging and diverging screw angles provide stability and support, and help capture fracture fragments.
  • Advanced Instrumentation
    A radiolucent targeting guide and locking drill guide/depth gauge allow for targeted drilling and screw insertion.
  • Multi-purpose Solutions Tray
    The Anatomic Radial Head System, which also accommodates the Acutrak 2 Mini and Micro Headless Compression Screw systems, and all necessary instrumentation fit inside the same tray to allow for ease preoperative assessment.
  • Color-coding
    Plate curvatures are color-coded for quick identification during surgery.

The Acumed Radial Head Plating System provides an innovative method for the treatment of fractures when the radial head is salvageable. This versatile system of precontoured plates is designed for use in the radial head's "safe zone" and features a straightforward surgical technique that may save time in the surgery room.