• SLIC Screw System

    Acumed SL Targeting Guide and SLIC Screw System

    Scapholunate instability remains an unsolved indication in orthopaedics. The Acumed SLIC Screw System is an adjunct to the biological healing of soft tissue repair or reconstructions that treat scapholunate instability. The system includes system-specific instrumentation, a specialized targeting guide, and multiple-size screws to accommodate varying patient anatomy. The Acumed SLIC Screw can be used to hold the reduction of the scapholunate interval while the soft tissue repair heals. The jointed screw allows relative rotation and an anatomic toggle of 15-22 degrees, allowing the scaphoid and lunate to move anatomically while the soft tissue heals.

  • Hub Cap Fusion Plates

    Acumed Hub Cap Fusion Plates are designed to provide fixation and a straightforward technique for four-corner and other limited wrist fusions.

    The plates can also be used to treat patients with osteoarthritis, post-traumatic arthritis, fractures, revision of failed partial wrist fusions, carpal instability, or rheumatoid arthritis.

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