Hub Cap Fusion Plates

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  • Rounded Plate Design
    A scalloped screw hole design allows for variable angulation of the screws into each carpal bone.
  • Two Screw Diameters
    2.1 mm and 2.7 mm nonlocking screws are designed to allow compression of the carpals to the plate.
  • Locking Plate Cap
    A cap locks into the plate over the nonlocking screws and may prevent the possibility of screw migration.
  • Rounded, Polished Crown
    Design provides a smooth surface of the titanium plate.
  • Dual-purpose Reamer
    This advanced instrumentation is intended to capture and contain bone debris as it prepares the fusion site.

Acumed Hub Cap Fusion Plates are designed to provide fixation and a straightforward technique for four-corner and other limited wrist fusions.

The plates can also be used to treat patients with osteoarthritis, post-traumatic arthritis, fractures, revision of failed partial wrist fusions, carpal instability, or rheumatoid arthritis.

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