Acu-Loc 2 Proximal Volar Distal Radius (VDR) Plates

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Acu-Loc 2 Proximal Volar Distal Radius VDR Plates
  • Color coded
    These 10 gold-colored plates were designed for surgeons who prefer a more proximal plate placement.
  • Frag-Loc Compression Screw

The Acumed Acu-Loc 2 Proximal Volar Distal Radius (VDR) Plates are designed for distal radius fracture and osteotomies, as well as segmented diaphyseal fractures. Customizable plate length and width options allow for sizing of varying patient anatomies.

In addition, converging ulnar screws, suture holes, and K-wire holes have been incorporated to support the volar ulnar lip and lunate facet. The 2.3 mm Variable Angle screws can also be used with this plate family.

Component of This System

Frag-Loc Compression Screw

The Frag-Loc Compression Screw is a two-part cannulated compression screw for dorsal comminution that gives surgeons the option for steadfast dorsal compression through a small dorsal incision. In addition, the undersurface geometry of the screw head allows for sub-osseous purchase into the dorsal fragment while designed for minimizing hardware prominence.

Variable Angle Screw

Acumed Variable Angle Locking Screws can aid in the capture of specific fragments or accommodate variations in patient anatomy. They can be used in any distal hole of any of the gold colored Acu-Loc 2 Proximal VDR Plates or Acu-Loc Extra Articular Plates. The screws allow for a total variance of 5 mm or 15 degrees.