Distal Radius Fragment Specific Plates

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  • Divergent Radial Styloid Plate
  • Dorsal Lunate Plate
  • Dorsal Rim Buttress Plate
  • Volar Lunate Suture Plate

Acumed Distal Radius Fragment Specific (DRFS) Plates are designed to independently address the fractures of the intermediate and radial columns. The modular nature of the plates, which include the Dorsal Rim Buttress Plate, Dorsal Lunate Plate, Volar Lunate Suture Plate, and Divergent Radial Styloid Plate, allows compression of fracture fragments from multiple directions.

Component of This System

Divergent Radial Styloid Plate

The Acumed Divergent Radial Styloid Plate buttresses the radial column. Targeted distal screw placement is designed to provide subchondral bone support, with one screw targeting the dorsal rim of the sigmoid notch and the other targeting the volar rim. In addition, fixed-angle screw trajectories are designed to avoid the sigmoid fossa, minimizing penetration of the distal radioulnar joint.

Dorsal Lunate Plate

The Acumed Dorsal Lunate Plate is designed to provide support to fracture patterns that involve the dorsal lunate facet of the distal radius and the sigmoid notch. The Dorsal Lunate Plate can be inserted through a smaller incision than a standard dorsal approach. For added stability, three plate screws are designed to target the subchondral bone and support the lunate facet.   

Dorsal Rim Buttress Plate

The Acumed Dorsal Rim Buttress Plate, designed for distal radius fractures, is positioned on the dorsal ulnar side of the radius. The plate extends radially to support dorsal lip comminution and buttress dorsal fragments. Three screws are designed to target the subchondral bone and support the lunate facet, while a screw can be inserted ulnar-to-radial for further radial styloid support.

Volar Lunate Suture Plate

The Acumed Volar Lunate Suture Plate supports the volar ulnar corner of the distal radius. Built-in suture holes allow for sutures to be used with the plate to capture small articular fragments. Distal plate placement may maximize volar ulnar lip support, while three screws target the subchondral bone to support the lunate facet.

Case Study: Displaced Left Radial Styloid Fracture

Timothy Niacaris, M.D., Ph.D., uses the Acumed Distal Radius Fragment Specific (DRFS) Divergent Radial Styloid Plate to perform an open reduction and internal fixation of the radial styloid on a 32-year-old male with a displaced left radial styloid fracture with volar comminution.

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