Small Bone External Fixator

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Small Bone Fixator
  • Straightforward Application
    Standard Hex Key and Parallel Wire Guide assist in the assembly and application of the fixator.
  • Compression/Distraction
    The fixator’s adjustment wheel is designed to help achieve compression or distraction depending on the nature of the indication.
  • Accurate Lengthening
    The lightweight, low-profile fixator accurately and easily adjusts to the appropriate distraction/compression desired by the surgeon.
  • Versatile
    Modular design enables .035"-.062" K-Wires to be located in multi-planar arrangements, allowing the frame to be built around the fracture.

The Acumed Small Bone Fixator is an innovative solution for stabilizing fractures resulting from high-energy trauma, including fusions, osteotomies, open and/or comminuted fractures, infected nonunions, and fractures with length discrepancies.

The Small Bone Fixator System is simple to use, offers versatile pin placement options and stability, and is cost-effective.

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