Stableloc External Fixation System

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  • Versatility
    Adjustments can be made independently for distraction, radial/ulnar deviation, flexion/extension, and dorsal/palmer translation.
  • Self-drilling Pins
    These pins eliminate the need to drill and tap prior to pin insertion, reducing the number of surgical steps.
  • Incremental Length Adjustment
    This feature facilitates the principal of ligamentotaxis by applying controlled traction across the wrist joint to aid fracture reduction.
  • Dorsal/Palmar Translation
    Applies controlled incremental force through the metacarpals to re-establish the natural palmar tilt of the distal radius. The fixation system allows up to 16 mm of palmar or dorsal travel.
  • Secure Fixation
    Secure fixation is maintained with four unique 3.2 mm pins that may be used as either self-drilling or pre-drilled. Unique thread geometry facilitates insertion and is designed to maximize bone purchase.
  • Radiolucent
    The radiolucent body of the system aids in visualization for accurate fracture reduction.

Acumed offers the Stableloc External Fixation System for the treatment of complex distal radius fractures. The Stableloc External Fixator is designed to hold pins in place for fracture reduction or distraction to align the wrist and to provide ligamentotaxis to the wrist on a temporary basis while the distal radius heals.

Versatility allows surgeon to gain initial reduction with the fixator in place and then separately adjust only those planes needing correction. Adjustments may be made independently for distraction, radial/ulnar deviation, flexion/extension and dorsal/palmer translation. Radiolucent body aids in surgeon visualization during fracture reduction and distraction. The Stableloc External Fixator is designed to be lightweight. The sterile system includes all instruments and pins needed tocomplete a case and adjust the Stableloc External Fixator. 3.2 mm pins are designed as self drilling and come standard in the Stableloc kit.


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