Modular Hand System

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  • MCP Fusion Plate
    Designed specifically for fusions of the first metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joint of the thumb.
  • Hub Cap Limited Wrist Fusion Plate
    The Hub Cap Limited Wrist Fusion plates feature K-wire holes and utilize the Hub Cap Plate Post, which are both designed to provide early stability during screw placement.
  • Mini Hub Cap STT Limited Wrist Fusion Plate
    The only plate in the Hub Cap family that offers 9 different options for up to 6 screws to be placed in 3-corner bone fusions.

The Acumed Modular Hand System offers surgeons innovative fixation solutions that are designed to address specific indications throughout the hand, from the carpals to the phalanges. Encompassing both fracture and fusion fixation, the Modular Hand System is contained in a modular tray that allows for flexibility, customization - and expansion as future innovative products are introduced.

Components in This System Include