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  • Acetabular Spring Plates

    Spring Plates

    Specifically designed to address fractures of the posterior wall of the pelvis, the Acumed Acetabular Spring Plate is available in 2- and 3-hole configurations to accommodate varying patient anatomies. Prongs incorporated into the lateral end of the plate are intended to help retain fragments in the posterior wall, while the center slot allows for fine-tuning of plate placement. In addition, the Acetabular Spring Plate can be used with other plates in the Acumed Pelvic Plating System.

  • Quadrilateral Surface Plates

    Quadrilateral Surface Plates

    The Acumed Quadrilateral Surface Plate is designed to buttress the medial wall of the acetabulum. Separated tabs incorporated into the plate are intended to offer two points of contact on the medial wall, and add stability to the fragment. The Quadrilateral Surface Plate can accommodate screw placement on either the pelvic brim or in the medial wall, and is able to be used in conjunction with the Anterior Brim Plate, if desired.

  • Anterior Brim Plates

    Anterior Brim and Quad Surface Plates

    The Acumed Anterior Brim Plate is precontoured in places where it may save time for the surgeon and uncontoured in areas where manual bending may be preferred. The plate is available in 12- and 14-hole configurations to accommodate varying patient anatomies. Slots and holes on the anterior end of the plate are designed to interface with the Acumed Pubic Symphysis Plate, if desired.

  • Posterior Wall Acetabular Fragment Plates

    The Acumed Curved Posterior Wall Acetabular Fragment Plate features a precontoured distal end, designed to match the anatomy of the ischial tuberosity. Prongs along the center region of the plate spread out to capture comminuted fractures of the acetabular wall, while the proximal end curves around the acetabular cup.  Proximal screw placement is intended to optimize bone purchase while avoiding the acetabular joint. The plate can be further contoured and trimmed as necessary. 

  • Posterior Wall Acetabular Plates

    Posterior Wall Acetabular Plates

    Designed to address the most common type of acetabular fracture, the Acumed Posterior Wall Acetabular Plate is precontoured distally to match the curvature of the ischial tuberosity. The proximal end of the plate is left uncontoured with the proximal holes grouped together for optimized bone purchase away from the acetabular joint.

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