Acutrak Mini

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  • Compression/Fully-threaded Length
    The fully-threaded variable pitch and tapered profile are intended to work together to compress bone fragments into one rigid structure to help promote union. The screw’s fully-threaded length is designed to maintain compression until bone fragments unite.
  • Headless Design
    When implanting a screw in and around articular regions, the headless design is intended to minimize the risk of impingement or soft tissue irritation.
  • Cannulated Design
    Cannulation facilitates accurate percutaneous insertion with minimal soft tissue dissection.
  • Self-tapping
    Cutting flutes on both ends of the screw are intended to aid with insertion.

The Acumed Acutrak Mini incorporates the same design principles as other members of the Acutrak family of screws, with a smaller diameter and shorter lengths. The Acutrak Mini is ideal for the fixation of small bones—such as scaphoids, radial heads, and bones of the foot - where a traditional 2.7 mm - 3.0 mm headed screw or equivalent-sized headless screw would otherwise be required. Indications for the Acutrak Mini include: scaphoid fractures, phalangeal fractures, carpal fusions, MCP fusions, radial head fractures, chevron, Akin and Weil osteotomies and OCD repair. Acutrak Mini screws are available in lengths up to 26 mm and are inserted with a 1.5 mm hex driver over a .035" guide wire.

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