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  • Compression/Fully-threaded Length
    The fully-threaded variable pitch and tapered profile are intended to work together to compress bone fragments into one rigid structure to help promote union. The screw’s fully-threaded length is designed to maintain compression until bone fragments unite.
  • Headless Design
    When implanting a screw in and around articular regions, the headless design is intended to minimize the risk of impingement or soft tissue irritation.
  • Break-away Groove
    Designed to snap off by tilting the power driver to one side and then the other. The break should be flush with the cortex.

The Acumed AcuTwist, part of the Acutrak family of headless compression screws, provides compression fixation for use in fusions, osteotomies, and small periarticular fractures. Its patented design includes variable thread pitch, a tapered profile, and a fully-threaded length to assist with maintaining compression during cyclic loading. The AcuTwist can be used in applications that benefit from interfragmentary compression. The AcuTwist is very versatile and has been successfully applied in multiple indications, such as Chevron and proximal crescentic osteotomies, radial and ulnar styloid fractures, radial head fractures, periarticular fractures, and fixation of cortical fracture fragments. The AcuTwist screws are available in sizes from 10 mm - 30 mm in 2 mm increments.

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