Biotrak Helical Nail

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Acumed Biotrack Helical Nail
  • Resorbable
    The Biotrak Helical Nail is manufactured from 100% poly L-lactic acid (PLLA), a material that is completely resorbed by the body in approximately 2-5 years.
  • Cannulation
    Biotrak Helical Nails are cannulated to facilitate accurate percutaneous and/or arthroscopic insertion.
  • Radiolucent
    Composed of PLLA, the Biotrak Pin should help minimize implant interference with imaging devices.
  • Length
    The Helical Nail comes in multiple lengths but can also be cut to length. Available in 20, 30, and 40 mm lengths.
  • Helical Flutes
    The variable pitch helical flutes cause the implant to spiral upon insertion providing compression and resistance to rotational forces or implant back out.

The Acumed Biotrak Helical Nail incorporates advanced design features that provide a wide range of surgical options. Available in three sizes that can be cut to length, the spiral fluting rotates the nail on insertion to gain compression and pull-out strength, with no tapping required. Surgical indications for the Biotrak Helical Nail include: osteochondral defects, radial head fractures, bunions, shear capitellum, radial styloid fractures, ulnar styloid fractures, chevron osteotomies, DIP fusions, PIP fusions, and hammertoes.

Component of This System

Case Study: Hammertoe Deformity

Brett R. Fink, M.D., utilizes the Acumed Biotrak Helical Nail to repair a hammertoe deformity in a 53-year-old male with a long history of discomfort to the right fourth and fifth toes. When standing, the patient's fourth toe layed under the third and the fifth toe layed under the fourth. Which the patient found to be significantly uncomfortable.

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