Biotrak Mini Screw

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  • Radiolucent
    Composed of PLLA, the Biotrak Pin should help minimize implant interference with imaging devices.
  • Headless Design
    The headless design allows the screw to be completely buried below the bone/cartilage surface and may prevent damage to adjacent structures caused by a proud screw head.
  • Cannulation
    Biotrak screws and instruments are cannulated to facilitate accurate percutaneous and/or arthroscopic insertion.
  • Variable Thread Pitch
    The wider pitch thread at the tip of the screw penetrates the bone faster than the finer trailing threads, gradually compressing the two fragments as the screw is advanced.
  • Resorbable
    The Biotrak screw is manufactured from 100% poly L-lactic acid (PLLA), a material that is completely resorbed by the body in approximately 2-5 years.
  • Fully-threaded
    The fully-threaded length of the Biotrak Mini Screw may help assist in generating and maintaining compression during cyclic loading.

The Acumed Biotrak Mini Screw uses the same design principles and lengths as the Biotrak Standard Screw but has a smaller diameter. Designed to have strong compression and holding power the Biotrak Mini Screw can be used in smaller bones - such as those of the hand, wrist, foot, and ankle. Biotrak Mini Screws are used for a wide variety of indications, including: osteochondral defects, femoral condyle, patella, radial head fractures, hammertoes, chevron osteotomies (Bunions), humeral condyle fractures, avulsion fractures, IP fusions, phalangeal fractures, small bone fragments, cancellous fragments, arthrodesis, and osteotomies.

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