Polarus Plus Humeral Rod

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Acumed Polarus Plus Humeral Rod - 260mm
  • Fracture Stability
    Low-profile, locking screws feature deep, cancellous triple-lead threads which can be beneficial for securing the soft bone of the humeral head and engaging the rod and lock smoothly.
  • Cannulation
    Cannulation allows the surgeon to implant the rod percutaneously over a guide wire.
  • Optimal Screw Placement
    The screw placement is designed to avoid vital structures, including the axillary nerve.
  • Calibrated Drill
    The calibrated drill can help to ensure proper screw sizing, which may help eliminate extra surgical steps.
  • Length
    The Polarus Plus Humeral Rod is offered in lengths from 200 mm to 280 mm.

The Acumed Polarus Plus Humeral Rod is designed to provide fixation for 2-, 3-, and some 4- part fractures of the proximal humerus through a minimally-invasive surgical procedure. Multi-planar fixation may help to restore the proper anatomic alignment of the humerus through a percutaneous approach. A patented spiral array of locking screws offers optimal solutions for a variety of fracture patterns. The innovative targeting guide system provides visibility to confirm precise rod and screw placement, and helps ensure the rod is buried to the appropriate depth. 

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