Glenoid Plate

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  • Multiple Plate Options
    The Glenoid Plate is specifically designed for intra-articular glenoid fractures, while the Lateral Border Plate addresses fractures involving the glenoid neck. Used together or independently, they can provide effective solutions for displaced glenoid fractures.
  • Secure Placement
    The Glenoid Plate is fixated on the superior surface to stabilize fractures of the posterior glenoid and any intra-articular fragments. Customized instruments such as plate clamps, plate tacks, and reduction forceps with a serrated jaw are provided to secure the plates.
  • Optimal Screw Fixation
    Locking or nonlocking screws are available, depending on the preference of the surgeon. The nonlocking screws may be placed unicortically or bicortically, providing solutions for individualized anatomic placement.

The Acumed Glenoid Plate provides an effective plating solution for fractures of the posterior margin of the glenoid and displaced intra-articular glenoid fractures. The anatomically contoured plates may minimize the need for plate bending, while implant placement and screw fixation to osseous regions of superior scapular thickness may increase construct strength.  

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