Lateral Border Plate

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  • Anatomically Designed Plates
    Precontoured plate geometry minimizes the need for bending and can help to better restore the patient’s original scapula curvature, providing an advantage over traditional straight plates.
  • Multiple Plate Options
    The Lateral Border Plate can be used in conjunction with multiple plates to address the anatomic variety of scapula curvatures. The Medial Border Plate, Glenoid Plate, and Acromion Plate can be used, depending on the location of the fracture.
  • Secure Construction
    Optimal implant placement and screw fixation to osseous regions of superior scapular thickness may further increase the stability of reconstruction.

The Acumed Lateral Border Plate provides an innovative plating system for stabilizing scapula body and glenoid neck fractures.

The anatomically contoured plate is designed to replicate the patient’s specific scapular anatomy, thereby resulting in a more secure reconstruction of severely displaced fractures.

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