Acumed SLIC Screw System and SL Targeting Guide
Acumed SLIC Screw
Acumed SLIC Screw System
General Overview

Scapholunate instability remains an unsolved indication in orthopaedics. The Acumed SLIC Screw System is an adjunct to the biological healing of soft tissue repair or reconstructions that treat scapholunate instability. The system includes system-specific instrumentation, a specialized targeting guide, and multiple-size screws to accommodate varying patient anatomy.

The Acumed SLIC Screw can be used to hold the reduction of the scapholunate interval while the soft tissue repair heals. The jointed screw allows relative rotation and an anatomic toggle of 15-22 degrees, allowing the scaphoid and lunate to move anatomically while the soft tissue heals.

Key Features

  • Screw design: The patented, cannulated cylinder-in-cylinder design allows the joint of the screw to sit at the SL interval in order to allow maximum relative rotation between the bones. The scaphoid portion of the screw varies in length while the lunate portion is consistent across all three screws. This allows the back end of the screw to sit just below the articular cartilage of the radial side of the scaphoid to aid in screw removal.
  • Multiple screw length options: The SLIC Screw System includes three different length screws: 22 mm, 25 mm and 28 mm.
  • Specific instrumentation: The SLIC Screw System provides instrumentation specific to each screw size:
    • Measurement grooves: The grooves on the SLIC Screw Stepped Drill correspond with the measurements of the screw length.
    • Hex drivers: The drivers are designed with a step feature to capture both portions of the screw and insert it as one piece.
    • Easyouts: Three different-size easyouts are included to aid in the removal of the screw after 6-9 months.
  • Radiolucent Targeting Guide: The SL Targeting Guide is an alignment device to be used prior to implantation of the SLIC Screw and in correspondence with K-wires used for anatomical reduction of the scaphoid and lunate carpals. The targeting guide allows for targeting different patient anatomy and preparing the carpals for screw insertion.

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