Polarus 3 Solution Surgical Technique


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Polarus 3 Solution Surgical Technique (SHD10-06-H)Surgical TechniqueEnglish ENOctober 21, 2019October 22, 2019

The Acumed Polarus 3 Solution has been designed to offer plate and nail options to treat proximal humerus fractures. The system is comprised of instrumentation to perform both plate and nail surgeries. While they are provided together for convenience, a plate and a nail should not be used on the same fracture. The system introduces a number of improvements to the implants as well as advancements in instrumentation compared to the first generation Polarus Nail, Polarus Plus Nail, and Polarus Proximal Humerus Plate (PHP). The information included in this surgical technique provides the recommended procedures for implantation and removal.

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Solución Polarus 3 Placas y clavos técnica quirúrgica (ESSHD10-06-B)  Surgical TechniqueEspañol ESOctober 4, 2018October 4, 2018
Polarus 3 解决方案 肱骨近端骨板和髓内钉 手术技术 (ZHSHD10-06-A)  Surgical Technique简体中文 ZHDecember 4, 2019July 21, 2020