Instructions For Use (IFU)

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FilenamePart NamePart Number
PKGI-24-K.pdf 3.5mm/5.0mm Hex Driver AssemblyTH-3550
PKGI-42-T.pdf Total Radial Head Tray LidTR-0002
PKGI-42-T.pdf Total Radial Head Tray BaseTR-0003
PKGI-42-T.pdf Total Radial Head Top TrayTR-0004
PKGI-42-T.pdf Total Radial Hd Bottom TrayTR-0005
PKGI-42-T.pdf Total Radial HD Trial CaddyTR-0006
PKGI-42-T.pdf 5.5mm Quick Release AwlTR-0206
PKGI-24-K.pdf Trial Stem O-ringTR-106
PKGI-24-K.pdf 6.0mm Broach TipTR-BR06
PKGI-24-K.pdf 7.0mm Broach TipTR-BR07
PKGI-24-K.pdf 8.0mm Broach TipTR-BR08
PKGI-24-K.pdf 9.0mm Broach TipTR-BR09
PKGI-24-K.pdf 10.0mm Broach TipTR-BR10
PKGI-42-T.pdf 6mm Broach AssemblyTR-BRA06
PKGI-42-T.pdf 7mm Broach AssemblyTR-BRA07
PKGI-42-T.pdf 8mm Broach AssemblyTR-BRA08
PKGI-42-T.pdf 9mm Broach AssemblyTR-BRA09
PKGI-42-T.pdf 10mm Broach AssemblyTR-BRA10
PKGI-56-M.pdf 5mm Collar ReamerTR-CRA05
PKGI-42-T.pdf 6mm Collar ReamerTR-CRA06