Instructions For Use (IFU)

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FilenamePart NamePart Number
PKGI-42-T.pdf 6.0mm x 6.0mm Trial StemTR-TS66
PKGI-42-T.pdf 6.0mm x 8.0mm Trial StemTR-TS68
PKGI-42-T.pdf 7.0mm x 0.0mm Trial StemTR-TS70
PKGI-42-T.pdf 7.0mm x 2.0mm Trial StemTR-TS72
PKGI-42-T.pdf 7.0mm x 4.0mm Trial StemTR-TS74
PKGI-42-T.pdf 7.0mm x 6.0mm Trial StemTR-TS76
PKGI-42-T.pdf 7.0mm x 8.0mm Trial StemTR-TS78
PKGI-42-T.pdf 8.0mm x 0.0mm Trial StemTR-TS80
PKGI-42-T.pdf 8.0mm x 2.0mm Trial StemTR-TS82
PKGI-42-T.pdf 8.0mm x 4.0mm Trial StemTR-TS84
PKGI-42-T.pdf 8.0mm x 6.0mm Trial StemTR-TS86
PKGI-42-T.pdf 8.0mm x 8.0mm Trial StemTR-TS88
PKGI-42-T.pdf 9.0mm x 0.0mm Trial StemTR-TS90
PKGI-42-T.pdf 9.0mm x 2.0mm Trial StemTR-TS92
PKGI-42-T.pdf 9.0mm x 4.0mm Trial StemTR-TS94
PKGI-42-T.pdf 9.0mm x 6.0mm Trial StemTR-TS96
PKGI-42-T.pdf 9.0mm x 8.0mm Trial StemTR-TS98
PKGI-42-T.pdf 6mm Trial Morse Taper Long StemTR-TSL06
PKGI-42-T.pdf 6mm Trial Morse Taper Long Stem, LeftTR-TSL06L
PKGI-42-T.pdf 6mm Trial Morse Taper Long Stem, RightTR-TSL06R