Acutrak 2 Headless Compression Screw System

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  • Acutrak 2 - 7.5
  • Acutrak 2 - 5.5
  • Acutrak 2 - 4.7
  • Acutrak 2 - Standard
  • Acutrak 2 - Mini
  • Acutrak 2 - Micro

The Acumed Acutrak 2 Headless Compression Screw System is the latest evolution in fully threaded headless screw fixation, with intuitive instrumentation designed to simplify the surgical technique. The Acutrak 2 System may help minimize drill depth sensitivity and offers 68 unique screw size options to fit a wide variety of applications throughout the body. The Acutrak 2 Headless Compression Screw System includes the Acutrak 2 Micro, Acutrak 2 Mini, Acutrak 2 Standard, Acutrak 2 - 4.7, Acutrak 2 - 5.5, Acutrak 2 - 7.5.

Components in This System Include

Key Publications

This collection of published literature represents clinical evidence, which along with innovation, education, and quality form Acumed’s foundations of excellence. In addition to citing existing scholarly papers, we conduct ongoing clinical research and use this information for validation and continuous improvement to deliver the greatest value to our customers.

  • Lateral Fixation of AO Type-B2 Ankle Fractures: the Acutrak Plus Compression Screw Technique
  • Headless Compression Screw Fixation Prevents Symptomatic Metalwork in Arthroscopic Ankle Arthrodesis
  • Torsional Stiffness After Subtalar Arthrodesis Using Second Generation Headless Compression Screws: Biomechanical Comparison of 2-Screw and 3-Screw Fixation
  • A Comparison of Two Headless Compression Screws for Operative Treatment of Scaphoid Fractures
  • Acutrak vs Herbert Screw Fixation for Scaphoid Nonunion and Delayed Union
  • Arthrodesis of the Thumb IPJ and Finger DIPJ with a Headless Compression Screw

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