Acumed Chest Wall Solutions

Our Chest Wall portfolio of products offers surgeons solutions to address rib fractures associated with traumatic injury, as well as technologies for chest wall reconstruction.

Acumed Elbow Solutions

In keeping with our commitment to advance the art and science of orthopaedic innovation, Acumed Elbow Solutions are revolutionizing the treatment of complex elbow fractures. Featuring a comprehensive line of fracture fixation devices for injuries ranging from the midshaft forearm to the midshaft humerus, our solutions provide a breadth of options for patient rehabilitation.

Acumed Hand & Wrist Solutions

As part of our mission to help improve overall patient outcomes, Acumed has developed multiple leading-edge product solutions to address fracture fixation, osteotomies, and joint fusions of the hand and wrist. From plates and screws to external fixation devices, our device systems offer multiple options to address complex surgical procedures.

Acumed Hip & Pelvis Solutions feature innovative fracture fixation devices that provide multiple fixation options for complex fractures in and around the hip and pelvis region. Indication-specific plates as well as reconstruction–style plates address a variety of fracture patterns, while enhancements to traditional instrumentation are incorporated to help ease surgical techniques.

Acumed Hip & Pelvis Solutions

At Acumed, forward-thinking innovation is at the heart of every solution we design. Our growing orthobiologics portfolio offers solutions in a variety of innovative formats to help provide the best possible patient outcomes.

Acumed Biologics Solutions
Acumed Screw & Pin Solutions

Acumed Screw, Pin & Staples Solutions give surgeons a range of innovative options for delivering exceptional patient care. From revolutionizing the way surgeons gain and maintain compression to reducing the potential for soft tissue irritation, our screws and pins are able to offer holding power for fractures, osteotomies, and fusions alike.

Acumed is a market leader in the advancement of innovative treatment solutions for fractures of the shoulder girdle and proximal humerus. Our Shoulder Solutions offer surgeons a wide spectrum of options that include a range of comprehensive systems of implants and instrumentation for both simple and complex fractures.

Acumed Shoulder Solutions