National Accounts

PFX Choice™ Preferred Fixation Contract

Every customer’s needs are unique.

Reducing costs, the right product mix, scalability, short term and long term consignment sets, inventory management, product training, too many vendors, varying billing structures, operational efficiencies… It can be overwhelming, especially while providing the best possible patient care.

The Acumed | OsteoMed PFX Choice™ program is designed to help.

ASCent™ for Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Customizable, Scalable, Flexible. We understand what matters to Ambulatory Surgery Centers.

Acumed ASCent™ is a customizable program designed to provide Ambulatory Surgery Centers with clinical value while addressing financial needs. Every ASC’s needs are unique. ASCent provides flexible pricing and billing structures to meet case and payor requirements, including fixed price models to meet evolving payment structures.

Choice is at the heart of our program, featuring Acumed’s comprehensive portfolio of medical devices for simple to complex injuries in an outpatient setting. It is designed specifically to provide surgeons numerous options to meet in situ challenges for optimal patient outcomes.