Instructions For Use (IFU)

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FilenamePart NamePart Number
PKGI-011456-G.pdfSPRAY CAP WITH NOZZLE02038200
PKGI-011456-G.pdfPOWER CORD HG - US/CAN02821400
PKGI-011456-G.pdfHandle for the Foot Control04653500
PKGI-011456-G.pdfFOOT CONTROL SN-106202400
PKGI-011456-G.pdfMOTOR WITH 3.5M CABLE06631600
77011003-T.pdfArc Wrist Tower10100000
77011003-T.pdfTower Parts Assembly10100001
77011003-T.pdfTower Tray 1 of 210100002
77011003-T.pdfTower Tray 2 of 210100003
77011003-T.pdfTower Tray Lid - 1 of 210100004
77011003-T.pdfTower Tray Lid - 2 of 210100005
77011003-T.pdfTower Base10100010
77011003-T.pdfTower Pivot Joint10100013
77011003-T.pdfTower Wrist Joint10100014
77011003-T.pdfARC Wrist Tower Upper Arc10100015
77011003-T.pdfTower Spring Scale10100016
77011003-T.pdfTower Finger Trap Bar10100017
77011003-T.pdfTower Base Handle10100018
77011003-T.pdfTower Sliding Forearm Support10100019