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Acumed is a market leader in the advancement of innovative treatment solutions for fractures of the shoulder girdle and proximal humerus. Our shoulder solutions offer surgeons a wide spectrum of options that include a range of comprehensive systems of implants and instrumentation for both simple and complex fractures.
Plate or Nail: Your Choice
Polarus 3 Solution
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May 31 - June 1, 2018 : San Francisco, CA


  • Scapula Plating System

    The Acumed Scapula Plating System offers indication-specific titanium plates that can address challenging fractures of the scapula, including the glenoid, medial and lateral border, acromion, and scapular spine. The precontoured plates minimize the need for bending while acting as a template for optimal implant placement and guiding screw fixation to osseous regions.
  • Medial Border Plate

    The Acumed Medial Border Plate offers an effective plating system for stabilizing fractures of the scapula body. The precontoured plate is designed to match the patient's own scapula curvatures and help restore the original anatomy. The Medial Border Plate can be used in conjunction with the Acumed Lateral Border Plate.
    Component of this system: Scapula Plating System
  • Lateral Border Plate

    The Acumed Lateral Border Plate provides an innovative plating system for stabilizing scapula body and glenoid neck fractures. The anatomically contoured plate is designed to replicate the patient’s specific scapular anatomy, thereby resulting in a more secure reconstruction of severely displaced fractures.
    Component of this system: Scapula Plating System
  • Glenoid Plate

    The Acumed Glenoid Plate provides an effective plating solution for fractures of the posterior margin of the glenoid and displaced intra-articular glenoid fractures. The anatomically contoured plates may minimize the need for plate bending, while implant placement and screw fixation to osseous regions of superior scapular thickness may increase construct strength.
    Component of this system: Scapula Plating System
  • Acromion Plate

    The Acumed Acromion Plate provides fixation for fractures along the acromion of the scapula spine. The precontoured plates are designed to closely match the patient's natural acromion curvatures, which may help in the reconstruction of even severely displaced acromion fractures. The Acromion Plates are an integral piece of the Scapula Plating System, and may be used individually or together with the Acumed Medial Border Plate, Lateral Border Plate, and Glenoid Plate.
    Component of this system: Scapula Plating System
  • Polarus 3 Solution

    Designed to provide multiple solutions for fractures of the humerus, the Polarus 3 Solution provides plate and nail options in one comprehensive system. The system includes a Posterior Plate for capturing posterior greater tuberosity fragments as well as a Standard Plate for less complex fractures. Nail options include both a Proximal and a Long Nail.

  • Polarus Humeral Rod System

    Acumed Polarus Humeral Rod System
    The Polarus Humeral Rod System is designed to provide fixation for 2-, 3-, and some 4-part fractures of the proximal humerus through a minimally invasive surgical technique. The Polarus Locking Humeral Rod and Polarus Plus Humeral Rod are cannulated intramedullary humeral rods that feature a tapered profile with a spiral array of proximal screws designed to target the best quality bone. Multi-planar fixation acts as a scaffold, aiding in fracture reduction and realignment.
  • Polarus Plus Humeral Rod

    Acumed Polarus Plus Humeral Rod - 260mm
    The Acumed Polarus Plus Humeral Rod is designed to provide fixation for 2-, 3-, and some 4- part fractures of the proximal humerus through a minimally-invasive surgical procedure. Multi-planar fixation may help to restore the proper anatomic alignment of the humerus through a percutaneous approach. A patented spiral array of locking screws offers optimal solutions for a variety of fracture patterns.
    Component of this system: Polarus Humeral Rod System
  • Polarus Proximal Humeral Plating (PHP) System

    The Acumed Polarus PHP System, designed for 2-, 3-, and 4-part proximal humerus fractures, aids in restoring patient anatomy while providing a rigid construct within the humeral head. The design and placement of the Polarus PHP helps minimize impingement and soft tissue irritation for the patient. When combined with the Polarus Humeral Rod System, the Acumed Polarus PHP System offers a comprehensive selection of implants specifically designed to address a variety of difficult fracture patterns in this challenging indication.

  • Superior Midshaft Clavicle Plates

    Acumed Superior Midshaft Clavicle Plate
    Acumed Superior Midshaft Plates offer an array of plate options for superior midshaft clavicle fractures, malunions, and nonunions. 16 plates in 8 lengths and 2 different widths provides the surgeon with a comprehensive plating system. In addition, the design of the plates and their orientation to the clavicle provides biomechanical stability.
    Component of this system: Clavicle Plating System
  • Dual-Trak Clavicle Screw System

    Acumed Dual-Trak Clavicle Screw

    The Acumed Dual-Trak Clavicle Screw System is a fully intramedullary solution for simple middle third clavicle fractures. Designed to provide fracture stability and restoration of anatomical alignment, this minimally invasive implant may reduce hardware irritation and provide and maintain compression—which can benefit both the patient and surgeon. The Acumed Dual-Trak Clavicle Screw System and the Acumed Clavicle Plating System provide comprehensive solutions to treat a wide variety of clavicle fracture patterns.

  • Distal Clavicle Plates

    Acumed Distal Clavicle Plates with Acu-Sinch Repair System
    The Acumed Distal Clavicle Plate is designed to provide fracture fixation and stability for lateral third clavicle fractures, malunions, and nonunions, and where there is disruption to coracoclavicular (CC) ligaments. Multiple distal screw configurations are designed to achieve construct stability, while screw positioning targets distal fragments to provide secure, stable fixation for multiple fracture patterns.
    Component of this system: Clavicle Plating System
  • Anterior Clavicle Plates

    Acumed Anterior Clavicle Plates
    The Acumed Anterior Clavicle Plate is designed for surgeons who prefer an anterior approach to treat malunions, nonunions, and fractures of the medial, midshaft, and lateral third clavicle. These anatomically contoured plates increase screw purchase in the clavicle and act as a template to aid with anatomic restoration. In addition, the low-profile design may help minimize postoperative soft tissue irritation.
    Component of this system: Clavicle Plating System
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