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Humanitarian Aid Product Donations

Our mission is to aid the afflicted through the ingenuity of our minds, the labor of our hands, and the compassion of our hearts.

To further our mission, Acumed's Grant Committee uses an online submission process to receive and evaluate Grant Applications for product donations intended for non‐profit or charitable purposes to support global humanitarian aid efforts. If you wish to make a request, please carefully follow the instructions on this page.

The online application system will require you to upload the following documents with the Grant Application:

1. Letter of request on behalf of the implanting physician or Applicant Organization. The letter of request must include the following information:

  • Donation purpose and confirmation of indigent patient status.
  • Explanation of application and consideration of product donation
  • Statement that:
    • Neither the implanting physician, Applicant Organization, their agents, nor affiliates will resell, or charge patients for the donated product(s). (No Device Charge)
    • The implanting physician and staff are donating their services to implant the device. (No Surgery Charge)
    • The hospital utilized is donating their services and facility to implant the device. (No Hospital Charge)

2. W-9, or IRS 501(c)(3) exemption notice.

3. Complete the Product Description Proposal.

4. Use the online submission form to complete and submit your application.

Important Information

  • We must receive the completed Grant Application, including all required documentation at a minimum of 60 business days prior to a procedure and/or departure of a humanitarian aid mission to ensure there is sufficient time for a donation agreement to be executed and to have the product donation move through customs.
  • Acumed will only donate products that are approved and compatible with equipment in the country where the device will be implanted.
  • Registration needs vary by country and by how the medical brigade manages the case. Pending registration needs, it may be required to consign donated products through the destination country's Health Ministry, a tax-exempt hospital located in the destination country, or the relief group carrying out the humanitarian aid mission.