ELiTE Essential Learning in Trauma & Extremities


The Acumed ELiTE Resident and Fellow Curriculum is ideal for residents interested in pursuing an upper limb specialty and fellows currently enrolled in an upper limb fellowship.

Each course is designed to provide exposure and surgical skills practice for commonly seen fractures of the upper limb. The program provides standardized educational curriculum at eight different locations in the US.
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The ELiTE program provides educational offerings to address young physicians’ training needs at the multiple levels of their learning paths.


The Acumed ELiTE Resident and Fellow Curriculum was designed in collaboration with leading orthopedic resident and fellowship educators around the country.

Program Designers


Jeffrey A. Greenberg, MD
Indiana Hand to Shoulder Center


Jerry Huang, MD
University of Washington

Program Contributors

Mihir Desai, MD
Vanderbilt Orthopaedics Institute

Peter Evans, MD
Cleveland Clinic Combined Hand Fellowship

Charles Jobin, MD
Columbia University Irving Medical Center

Robin Kamal, MD
Stanford University Medical Center

Kenneth Koval, MD
Gulfport Memorial Physician Clinic

Shawn O’Driscoll, MD, PhD, FRCS (C)
Mayo Clinic College of Medicine

A. Lee Osterman, MD
Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder Center

Mark Rekant, MD
Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder Center

Marc Richard, MD
Duke University Medical Center

Melvin Rosenwasser, MD
Columbia University

David Ruch, MD
Duke University Medical Center

Joaquin Sanchez Sotelo, MD, PhD
Mayo Clinic College of Medicine

Ramesh Srinivasan, MD
The Hand Center of San Antonio

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2022 ELiTE Upper Extremity Courses
  • April 2: Intermediate Hand & Wrist (Las Vegas)
  • April 30: Intermediate Shoulder & Elbow (Austin)
  • May 21: Principles (Philadelphia)
  • Sep 10: Advanced Hand & Wrist (Chicago)
  • Oct 8: Intermediate Hand & Wrist (Boston)
  • Nov 5: Advanced Shoulder & Elbow (Location TBD)
2022 ELiTE Foot & Ankle Courses
  • Mar 19: MD Intermediate Trauma (Las Vegas)
  • Apr 23: DPM Intermediate Forefoot/Midfoot (Philadelphia)
  • May 14: DPM Advanced Hindfoot/Ankle (Nashville)
  • Oct 22: MD Advanced Indication TBD (Chicago)
  • Dec 10: DPM Advanced Indication TBD (Phoenix)
For more information about the ELiTE Program, please email medicaleducation@acumed.net

Acumed ELiTE Lecture Series

Introducing a unique opportunity to participate in our ELiTE Lecture series from the comfort of your home or office! Our ELiTE Resident and Fellow Training Curriculum was designed by surgeons for surgeons, specializing in procedures for the entire upper extremity, from hand to shoulder. The courses are intended to supplement the hand-to-shoulder training that residents and fellows receive in their current program curriculums.