Social Responsibility


While we place much of our focus on the practice of orthopaedics and the healthcare community around us, we are keenly aware of the contributions we as a company make to the world at large.

The culture at Acumed puts a tremendous amount of emphasis on ethical business practices, our stewardship of resources and support for global humanitarian efforts.

In 2010, Acumed founded an internal Social Responsibility Committee to ensure activities throughout the company have the support and resources needed to achieve positive results. We started by identifying the core areas to focus our efforts and drive towards measurable goals.

Those areas include the Environment, Governance, Wellness and the Community:


Eco-friendly landscaping, weather-smart irrigation controls and our efforts to maintain a healthy atmosphere both inside and outside our facilities represent some of our green initiatives.


The ongoing success of Acumed is in part due to our employees conducting business with integrity and in full compliance of regulations, legislation, and our own corporate policies and procedures.


Acumed believes in complete wellness – physical, emotional, intellectual, and social. By encouraging health and happiness, we empower employees to make positive choices at work and at home.


We are constantly looking to support local communities in need through our volunteer work and financial contributions. Beneficiaries include the Oregon Food Bank, SIGN Fracture Care International, as well as disaster relief efforts worldwide.