Olecranon Plates

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Elbow Plating System Olecranon Plate - On Bone
  • Low-profile Design
    Allows for minimized hardware prominence.
  • Size
    Left-and right-specific plates range in length from 65 mm to 190 mm.

The Acumed Olecranon Plates provide fixation for both fractures and osteotomies in the proximal ulna. Designed to provide an anatomic fit, the plates contour proximally and along the shaft. In addition, the screw trajectory allows screws to capture fracture fragments and avoid other screws regardless of the screw length selected.

Component of This System

Case Study: Open Olecranon Fracture

Gregory D. Gramstad, M.D., chooses the Acumed Locking Olecranon Plate and 18-guage stainless steel wire to treat a left elbow open olecranon fracture in an 84-year-old woman with a history of rheumatoid arthritis who sustained a ground-level fall, tripping over a curb and landing on her elbow.

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