• Fibula Rod System

    The Acumed Fibula Rod System offers an alternative approach to traditional fibular plating by providing fracture stability with a minimally invasive surgical technique. Utilizing a targeting guide, the fibula rod and interlocking screws can be inserted through small incisions, which may help minimize valuable surgery room time.

  • Ankle Plating System 3

    The Acumed Ankle Plating System 3 is designed to provide a variety of fixation options for fractures of the distal tibia and fibula. Designed in conjunction with Anish Kadakia, M.D. and Bruce Ziran, M.D., the system is composed of seven plate families designed specifically for the treatment of ankle fractures. The indication-specific plates address fracture patterns of the medial, lateral, and posterior malleoli. Specialized plate features and unique instrumentation address disruption of the syndesmosis. 4.0 mm cannulated screws in lengths of 36 mm, 42 mm, and 48 mm are also included in the tray for the treatment of medial malleolar fractures. The Ankle Plating System 3 is used in combination with the Acumed Small Fragment Base Set.
  • Ankle Plating System

    The Acumed Ankle Plating System is designed to be a minimally invasive solution providing surgeons versatility in patient care for anterior tibia, medial malleolar, and distal fibula fractures. With Lateral Fibula, Distal Fibula, Medial Tibia, and Anterior Tibia Plate options that accept both locking and nonlocking screws, (3.0 mm, or 3.5 mm Hexalobe screws, 2.7 mm or 3.5 mm Cortical (Hex) screws, 4.0 mm cancellous screws).

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