Acu-Loc Wrist Spanning Plate

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  • Design
    Designed to provide temporary fixation and distraction while the distal radius heals through ligamentotaxis.
  • Additional Fixation
    Optional distal radius screw cluster for additional fixation.
  • Precontoured
    Precontoured with a 6° dorsal bend.
  • Internal Fixation
    Internal fixation achieved through three incision points.
  • Size Options
    Two different plate sizes to accommodate varying patient anatomy.

The Acu-Loc Wrist Spanning Plate is designed to address complex distal radius fractures. This temporary fixator is designed to hold the wrist in distraction and to provide ligamentotaxis to the wrist on a temporary basis while the distal radius heals. Similar to an external fixation device, the Acu-Loc Wrist Spanning Plate may be used if the distal radius is too comminuted for an Acu-Loc 2 or other distal radius plate. The advantage of this plate is its simplicity using the concept of ligamentotaxis to apply circumferential pressure created by distracting the affected area to push fragments back in place.