Distal Clavicle Plates

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Acumed Distal Clavicle Plates with Acu-Sinch Repair System
  • Anatomically Contoured
    The plates act as templates for restoring the geometry of the patient’s anatomy and for reconstructing a malunion, nonunion, or highly comminuted fracture.
  • Increased Stability
    To address disruption of coracoclavicular ligaments caused by musculature and ligamentous deforming forces, suture holes and compression slots have been designed into the Clavicle Plate to allow for adjunct techniques utilizing standalone sutures or with the Acu-Sinch Repair System.
  • Precise Screw Placement
    Diverging and converging screw configurations maximizes bone purchase and increase pullout resistance, especially when countering axial loads.
  • Integrated K-wire Holes
    The holes are incorporated for provisional fixation and can be used to verify distal screw placement.
  • Advanced Instrumentation
    Threaded and targeting drill guides ensure fixed-angle distal screws are properly inserted and seated flush with the plate surface.
  • Versatility
    Based upon the fracture pattern and preferred surgical technique, the surgeon may choose a 3-, 4-, or 8-hole distal plate.

The Acumed Distal Clavicle Plate is designed to provide fracture fixation and stability for lateral third clavicle fractures, malunions, and nonunions, and where there is disruption to coracoclavicular (CC) ligaments. Multiple distal screw configurations are designed to achieve construct stability, while screw positioning targets distal fragments to provide secure, stable fixation for multiple fracture patterns.

Component of This System

Acu-Sinch Repair System Compatible

The Acumed Acu-Sinch Repair System, when used in conjunction with the Clavicle Plating System, offers an innovative solution to address Acromioclavicular (AC)/ Coracoclavicular (CC) ligament injuries associated with clavicle fractures. This suture-and-anchor soft tissue repair system offers surgeons the ability to penetrate only the superior cortex of the coracoid, preserving the integrity of the inferior cortex, and protecting the neurovascular structures below. The Acu-Sinch Repair System can also be used with a Superior Midshaft Clavicle Plate or Distal Clavicle Plate to aid in the healing of clavicle fractures.  

Case Series: Clavicle Fracture

In this series of eight case studies, William B. Geissler, M.D., and Robert Orfaly, M.D., use the Acumed Locking Clavicle J-Plate, Locking Superior Clavicle Plate, Locking Anterior Clavicle Plate and Locking Distal Clavicle Plate to treat a range of clavicle fractures including a lateral-third clavicle fracture, a displaced midshaft clavicle fracture and nonunion and malunion midshaft clavicle fractures.