Dual-Trak Clavicle Screw System

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Acumed Dual-Trak Clavicle Screw
  • Minimally Invasive
    The system offers a limited surgical exposure that minimizes soft-tissue dissection, periosteal stripping, and scarring.
  • Fully Intramedullary
    Designed to reduce prominent implant hardware and skin breakdown.
  • Maximized Holding Control and Compression
    Interfragmental compression is achieved by the differential pitch on the tip and tail ends of the Dual-Trak Clavicle Screw, as the threads exert an axial compression force at the fracture site.
  • Multiple Sizes
    A comprehensive array of screw diameters and lengths offer numerous options to best accommodate the various sizes of patient medullary canals. (Length range: 80 mm to 120 mm, Diameter range: 3.0 mm and 3.8 mm)

The Acumed Dual-Trak Clavicle Screw System is a fully intramedullary solution for simple middle third clavicle fractures. Designed to provide fracture stability and restoration of anatomical alignment, this minimally invasive implant may reduce hardware irritation and provide and maintain compression—which can benefit both the patient and surgeon. The Acumed Dual-Trak Clavicle Screw System and the Acumed Clavicle Plating System provide comprehensive solutions to treat a wide variety of clavicle fracture patterns.