Medial Column Plates

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  • Size
    Medial Column Plates are 11 mm wide and 2.0 mm at the thickest point. In addition, they offer 2-4 screw holes for fixation of the articular fragments. Multiple lengths are available to treat a wide variety of fractures - Lengths range: 84 mm to 175 mm
  • Tap-Loc Technology
    Surgeons can choose the optimal locking screw trajectory—up to 20° in each direction — to maximize fixation in the distal fragments.

The Acumed Medial Column Plates are designed to offer fixation and compression of fractures of the distal humerus by extending down distally, or wrapping around, the medial epicondyle and extending up the condylar ridge. This fixation is maximized when the screws in the articular fragments interdigitate with the screws from the Acumed Lateral Column Plate on the lateral side.

Component of This System

Distal Humerus Animated Surgical Technique

An animated version of Acumed's recommended surgical technique for fixation of a distal humerus fracture, utilizing Acumed's comprehensive parallel Elbow Plating System and Hexalobe Locking Screw System.