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At Acumed, forward-thinking innovation is at the heart of every solution we design. Our growing biologics portfolio offers solutions in a variety of innovative formats to help provide the best possible patient outcomes.
Bone Graft Harvesting System
A minimally invasive solution with a range of size options for harvesting morsellized bone graft.


  • Bone Graft Harvesting System

    The Acumed Bone Graft Harvesting System facilitates safe, rapid harvest of morselized autogenous graft from the iliac crest, distal radius, and distal femur. This compact bone graft harvesting system is engineered to be straightforward to use and includes four drill size options, a power adaptor fitting, a starting punch, a bone extractor, and a removal key.

    The system allows for morselized bone graft removal through a small skin incision, which is designed to minimize the patient’s discomfort and harvest site morbidity. The device attaches to a drill to extract the graft from the bone.

  • Callos

    The Acumed Callos Bone Void Filler is a synthetic calcium phosphate cement that is indicated for filling bony defects in cancellous bone. It offers high compressive support for host bone that has been compromised.
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