Anatomic Midshaft Forearm Plating System

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  • Anatomic Contouring
    Contoured plates may act as templates to restore forearm geometry, decrease surgery time, and re-establish pronation and supination.
  • Low-profile Design
    Screws sit flush with the plate, which may minimize postoperative soft tissue irritation and patient discomfort. Tapered ends may reduce stress on the bone and the risk of re-fracture above/below the plate.
  • Limited Contact
    A limited contact undersurface is designed to ease compression of the periosteum to improve blood supply to the healing zone.
  • Approach-specific Radius Plates
    Surgeons can opt for either a dorsolateral or volar approach.
  • Color-coding
    Plate families are color-coded for quick identification in surgery.
  • User-friendly Instrumentation
    Innovative instrumentation, including a customized plate clamp, angled drill guide, and soft tissue spreader are intended to simplify plate installation.

The Acumed Anatomic Midshaft Forearm Plating System offers marked hardware improvements over traditional straight plates. The system can be used to treat fractures, fusions, and osteotomies of the radius and ulna. It can also be used in conjunction with the Acumed Forearm Rod System for a less invasive approach to both-bone fractures of the diaphyseal region. The Anatomic Midshaft Forearm Plating System includes Midshaft Ulna Plates, Volar Midshaft Plates, and Dorsolateral Midshaft Radius Plates.

Case Series: Forearm Fractures

In this series of six case studies, Dr. Jared Salinsky, uses the Acumed Anatomic Midshaft Forearm Plate System to treat patients with various fractures of the radius and/or ulna including a nonunion of midshaft, a displaced left ulnar fracture, a diaphyseal fracture of the Ulna, a grade 2 open fracture, and acute radius and ulna fractures.