Acutrak Fusion

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  • Compression/Fully-threaded Length
    The fully-threaded variable pitch and tapered profile are intended to work together to compress bone fragments into one rigid structure to help promote union. The screw’s fully-threaded length is designed to maintain compression until bone fragments unite.
  • Headless Design
    When implanting a screw in and around articular regions, the headless design is intended to minimize the risk of impingement or soft tissue irritation.
  • Solid Construct
    A solid construct throughout is designed to provide a more rigid screw.

Acumed Acutrak Fusion Screws are headless compression screws specifically designed for interphalangeal joint arthrodesis in the hand and the foot. Unlike K-wires, Acutrak Fusion Screws are implanted below the surface of the bone and create compression across the joint. The small diameter of the screw was designed to allow it to be used with minimal nail bed disruption from an IP fusion.   

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