Acutrak Standard

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  • Compression/Fully-threaded Length
    The fully-threaded variable pitch and tapered profile are intended to work together to compress bone fragments into one rigid structure to help promote union. The screw’s fully-threaded length is designed to maintain compression until bone fragments unite.
  • Headless Design
    When implanting a screw in and around articular regions, the headless design is intended to minimize the risk of impingement or soft tissue irritation.
  • Cannulated Design
    Cannulation facilitates accurate percutaneous insertion with minimal soft tissue dissection.
  • Self-tapping
    Cutting flutes on both ends of the screw are intended to aid with insertion.

The Acumed Acutrak Standard incorporates a variable thread pitch into its fully-threaded, tapered design, making it ideal for the compression and fixation of the small to medium bones of the hand and foot—where a 3.5 mm - 4.0 mm headed screw or an equivalent-sized headless screw would otherwise be required. Indications for Acutrak Standard include: scaphoid fractures and nonunions, carpal fusions, radial styloid fractures, MCP fusions, capitellum fractures, bunionectomies: proximal and distal, tarsal fractures, 5th metatarsal fractures, midfoot fusions, OCD repair, and osteotomies. The Acutrak Standard screws are available in lengths up to 30 mm and are inserted with a 2.0 mm hex driver over a .045" guide wire.

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