Tension Band Pin System

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Acumed Tension Band Pin System
  • Straightforward Application
    Minimal instrumentation, point-and-drill pin placement, and sterile packing can add up to convenience during surgery.
  • Secure Anchoring
    The wire passes through the eyelet of the pin, a feature implemented for fracture reduction and secure anchoring and intended to reduce the likelihood of pin migration or back-out.
  • Size
    Stainless steel pins come in 50, 70, and 90 mm lengths.

The Acumed Tension Band Pin System is an interlocking solution designed to provide low-profile, secure fixation for patella, olecranon, and malleolar fractures without K-wire irritation or postoperative pin migration. This innovative solution can reduce post-surgical complications associated with traditional tension band pinning with K-wires - which can often require a second surgery for revisions.