The Acumed Bone Graft Harvesting System facilitates safe, rapid harvest of morselized autogenous graft from the iliac crest, distal radius, and distal femur. This compact bone graft harvesting system is engineered to be straightforward to use and includes four drill size options, a power adaptor fitting, a starting punch, a bone extractor, and a removal key. The system allows for morselized bone graft removal through a small skin incision, which is designed to minimize the patient’s discomfort and harvest site morbidity. The device attaches to a drill to extract the graft from the bone.

Bone Graft Harvesting System
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OsteoMed Biologics
Fortera is a biocompatible, self-setting, gradually resorbable, calcium phosphate cement, supplied in a sterile, single use kit. After briefly mixing the product components at the point of use, the material transforms into a paste, capable of flowing through a 16 gauge cannula. Fortera has a working time up to 7 minutes, after which the material will begin to set. Upon setting, the material converts to hydroxyapatite, the mineral composition of native human bone.  Acumed is the exclusive distributor of Fortera.
Vivorte Fortera

Trabexus is a proprietary, biocompatible, self-setting, gradually resorbable, calcium phosphate matrix enhanced with partially demineralized allograft particles. Partial demineralization of allograft has been shown to expose key osteoinductive proteins that can influence and direct bone repair. Acumed is the exclusive distributor for Trabexus.


Vivorte Trabexus