Pelvic Ring

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Pelvic Ring

  • Superior Sacroiliac Plates

    Sacro-Illiac Plates

    The Acumed Sacroiliac Plate allows for two screws to be placed on either side of the sacroiliac joint, thereby requiring only a single plate for joint fixation. The plate has a contoured undersurface, intended to match the natural arch in patient anatomy over the sacroiliac joint. Two screw slots facilitate fine-tuning of the plate placement before final fitting of the plate.

  • Intrapelvic Plates

    The Acumed Intrapelvic Plate is precontoured to approximate the anatomy of the medial wall of the pelvis below the pelvic brim and aid in the buttressing of fractures. The Intrapelvic Plate has four angled posterior holes that are designed to direct screws away from the acetabular joint and is available in 5-and 9-hole configurations to accommodate varying patient anatomies.

  • Pubic Symphysis Plates

    Pubic Symphysis Plates

    The Acumed Pubic Symphysis Plate is precontoured to approximate the anatomy of the pubic crest. Available in 4- and 6-hole configurations, the plate can accommodate varying patient anatomies to address disruptions of the Pubic Symphysis joint. The plate features two compression slots, one for each side of the pubic symphysis joint. Each compression slot offers 1 mm of compression, allowing for up to 2 mm of compression total. The slots of the plate are designed to interface with the Acumed Anterior Brim Plate, if desired.

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