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  • Biotrak Standard Screw

    The Acumed Biotrak Standard Screw has been widely recognized for its success in treating osteochondral defects in the knee. However, the benefits of the screw translate equally well to a wide variety of other indications in the upper and lower extremities, including fractures, fusions, and osteotomies. Strong compression, holding power, and pull-out strength makes Biotrak a reliable choice.
  • Biotrak Helical Nail

    Acumed Biotrack Helical Nail
    The Acumed Biotrak Helical Nail incorporates advanced design features that provide a wide range of surgical options. Available in three sizes that can be cut to length, the spiral fluting rotates the nail on insertion to gain compression and pull-out strength, with no tapping required. Surgical indications for the Biotrak Helical Nail include: osteochondral defects, radial head fractures, bunions, shear capitellum, radial styloid fractures, ulnar styloid fractures, chevron osteotomies, DIP fusions, PIP fusions, and hammertoes.
  • Biotrak Mini Screw

    The Acumed Biotrak Mini Screw uses the same design principles and lengths as the Biotrak Standard Screw but has a smaller diameter. Designed to have strong compression and holding power the Biotrak Mini Screw can be used in smaller bones - such as those of the hand, wrist, foot, and ankle. Biotrak Mini Screws are used for a wide variety of indications, including: osteochondral defects, femoral condyle, patella, radial head fractures, hammertoes, chevron osteotomies (Bunions), humeral condyle fractures, arthrodesis, and osteotomies.
  • Biotrak Pin

    The Acumed Biotrak Pin is a next-generation fixation solution offering several advantages over conventional metallic implants. The multifaceted fin design facilitates fixation and compression while protecting against rotational forces and enabling surgeons to treat fractures, fusions, and osteotomies. In addition, the pin's PLLA composition is resorbed by the body in 2 to 5 years for optimal healing. Indications for the Acumed Biotrak Pin include: osteochondral dissecans and fragments, chevron osteotomies, DIP fusion, PIP fusions, and hammertoes.
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